Sunday, 26 June 2016

No more tedious travelling 
The student no longer needs to spend his time and energy in travelling long distances. He can now devote more time to studies.
Convenience of your home 
The student is most comfortable at his home; he is therefore in the right frame of mind for learning, which also means he will understand better.
Best faculty for every subject 
Finding good teachers for every subject is a problem today. FLEXICLASS (Ideal Distance Learning Pvt. Ltd.) is renowned for its expert professors, who are an authority on the subjects they teach. Students can now get to learn from the best faculty right at home.
Parents can keep a watch 
FLEXICLASS gives the unique advantage for parents to watch over their children while they are learning. Parents can also interact directly with teachers from time to time.
Save cost 
FLEXICLASS comes at much lower price than a home tuition plus you also save on travelling expenses in case of coaching classes.
Lectures missed can be viewed again 
No other medium gives you the advantage of viewing your lecture again. FLEXICLASS gives you the option with end number of time view lectures.
The student can ask questions and clear his doubts with the professor through E – Mail.
Advanced online learning technology 
FLEXICLASS has tied-up with the best to bring the students an advanced online education experience. Digital visual and sound quality and interactive features provide a life-like lecture experience.
Evolved Learning for better performance 
FLEXICLASS’S unique Evolved Learning methodology makes studies easier and more interesting through the use of animation and interactive games. Online revision and tests further prepare the student for the exams. A student thus learns better and performs beyond his expectations with Evolved Learning.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

List of Universities recognising CA Qualification for Pursuing Ph. D.